The Fighter and The Kid Live - Gramercy Theatre - NYC

To start my day every morning, I listen to one of a few podcasts. Some of my favorites include the Joe Rogan Experience, Beautiful/ Anonymous, Turned Out a Punk, and The Fighter and the Kid. The latter has been doing these live shows for about half a year, and I knew when the East Coast dates were announced, I would want to photograph it. I'm not sure how it got hooked up, but I think an Instagram comment lead to Brendan Schaub (The Fighter from TFATK) checking out my work, and then DMing me on Instagram asking if I wanted to shoot. Absolutely. I had free reign to do whatever I wanted at the show. I tried to be a fly on a wall, taking pictures backstage, but it's a bit hard when it's only us three. It's amazing seeing the contrast in the two performers' pre show ritual. Brendan's nerves are completely noticeable; where as Bryan Callen's (The Kid) has the ability to mask his, if he even has any at this point. This was Brendan's 10th show, while Bryan has done thousands of sets. It didn't feel like a rookie and a veteran though. Together, their chemistry is indisputable and second to none. Their show sold out months in advance and people were lining up for doors hours before they opened. The TFATK fanbase is real and are not going anywhere. The Fighter and The Kid Live is a must see for fans of the podcast, and for comedy.